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Next Webcast!

Announcing Advanced DataTools new series of webcasts focusing on using Informix and the Internet of Things (IoT).

These webcasts will demonstrate an end-to-end example of how the Internet of Things really works. It will show how data from home-built sensors (based on Arduinos) can be fed to a gateway (ARM processor running Informix) and stored in an Informix TimeSeries database. The sensor information can then be pushed to the cloud where it can be accessed from mobile devices in real time.

The webcasts will show how Informix TimeSeries is a perfect fit for storing sensor data, and why it can and should be at the center of an Internet of Things solution.

Demonstration of an Informix database running on an ARM-based computer will show how this can be part of an easily-deployed, low-power, and cost-effective embedded solution.

Please register for each Webcast seperately!

Mike Walker

Webcast 1: Introduction to Informix and the Internet of Things by Mike Walker – 5/26/15 - See Replay

Webcast 2: Using Informix TimeSeries and the Internet of Things by Mike Walker – 6/2/15 - See Replay

Tom Beebe

Webcast 3: Running an Informix Database Server on an ARM Computer by Tom Beebe - See Replay

Webcast 4: The basics of getting up and running with Informix by Tom Beebe – 7/28/15 at 2:00 pm EDT

This final webcast of the series will focus on installing and setting up Informix. Intended mainly for new adopters of the IBM Informix database product, Tom will demonstrate how this advanced and powerful database engine is simple to install and configure on just about any hardware.

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