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Fastest Informix DBA Contest III Winners

Advanced DataTools is pleased to announce the results of our third Fastest Informix DBA contest held at the 2010 IIUG Informix Conference, April 25-28 in Kansas City, MO. Thank you to everyone who participate!

This time the contest was an OLTP benchmark using the BenchmarkSQL Java program to generate 100 sessions doing inserts, updates, and deletes against a database.  BenchmarkSQL is an easy to use JDBC benchmark that closely resembles the TPC-C standard for OLTP. Databases supported include EnterpriseDB, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Sybase, SQLSvr, MySQL, HsqlDB, Derby/JavaDB & FireBird.  See Source Forge at for more information.  The Java code was converted to run with Informix by AGS, the folks that created ServerStudio.

The challenge was to get the most transactions per minute during a 10-minute benchmark run. The winners are listed in the order of contestants with the most transactions per minute.


The Fastest Informix DBA and Grand Prize Winner - Tatiana Saltykova

Tatiana Saltykova Tatiana Saltykova


Fastest IBM Developer (IBM employee) - Spokey Wheeler

Spokey Wheeler Spokey Wheeler


Fastest DBA on Monday (First day of the contest) - Tom Girsch

Tom Girsch Tom Girsch


Fastest International DBA (Non USA resident) - Denis Zhuravlev

Denis Zhurarler Denis Zhurarler


Fastest Mid-Aged DBA (30-50) - Andrew Ford

Andrew Ford Andrew Ford


Fastest Youngest DBA (under 30) - Pam Siebert

Pam Siebert Pam Siebert


Fastest Old-timer (longest experience with Informix) - Wenching Chiang

Wenchong Chiang Wenchong Chiang


Fastest Domestic DBA (USA resident) - Eric Rowell

Eric Rowell Eric Rowell