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Fastest Informix DBA Contest II

Congratulations to the new Winners of the Fastest Informix DBA Contest!

Congratulations to Tatiana Saltykova, New 1st place finisher in the Fastest Informix DBA contest. I really appreciate your participation in this contest.

Out of over 70 registrations, the following 8 performed the benchmark in under 6 minutes. And to add to the excitement, there was only 5 seconds between the top two places.

  • New Grand Prize and Fastest Overall Time – Fastest User DBA -Tatiana Saltykova

  • Grand Prize – Fastest User DBA - Eric Rowell

To qualify for this prize, the user must be 1) a DBA employed at a company using Informix internally, 2) not a consultant, 3) not an IBM employee.

  • Fastest Consultant - Warren Donovan

  • Malte Sukopp, Germany, Fastest International DBA          

  • Yunyao (Frank) Qu, User DBA

  • Jeff Filippi, Consultant

  • Tammy Frankforter, User DBA

  • Riya Kariath, Fastest Youngest DBA

Advanced DataTools sponsored a NEW contest for Informix Users to find and honor the fastest Informix DBAs.  This is a new version of our very successful contest at the 2009 IIUG Informix User Conference.  The challenge is to take a basic Informix IDS database server configuration and a SQL script that runs a series of inserts and updates and see who can get it to run the fastest!