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Fastest Informix DBA Contest

Advanced DataTools sponsored a contest at the International 2009 IIUG Informix Conference in Kansas City, April 26-29, 2009, to find and honor the fastest Informix DBAs. The challenge was to take a basic Informix database server and a SQL script that takes about 30 minutes to run, and see who can get it to run the fastest?

Fastest Informix DBA

The winners are:

Grand Prize - Fastest User DBA - Andrew Ford

Fastest Informix DBAFastest Informix DBA  

Runner Up and Fastest Mid-Aged DBA (30-50) and Domestic DBA - Tom Girsch

Fastest Informix DBA Contest

Fastest IBM Developer - Spokey Wheeler (best overall time)

Fastest Old-timer (longest experience with Informix) - David Link

Fastest Senior DBA (over 50) - John Fahey

Fastest Professional Consultant DBA - Warren Donovan



Fastest Youngest, Newest, and Fastest International DBA - Jean-Michel Ramseyer


Congratulations to everyone who participated, this was a blast and I think everyone had fun and did a great job. They all took a poorly tuned onconfig file and sql script that took over 30 minutes to run and had in running in 1-4 minutes. We are planning to do a podcast or webcast with the winners to find out how they did it. And we are looking at ways to do this again so stay tuned!